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Automotive Solutions from RPM RPM manufactures and supplies high-performance polyurethane recycled rubber based components and materials for the automotive, appliance, aerospace and heavy transportation industries. Our products can be found on over 25 million Ford, GM, Honda, Nissan, Chrysler, Mercedes and BMW vehicles around the world, sealing areas that are most critical to OEMs.

RPM designs and produces components & materials that have superior performance properties, reduced weight and are cost effective. Our products are available as manufactured components or in bulk compounds that can be applied on-site.

image RPM’s parts and materials deliver a positive environmental impact. Our patent-pending formulations incorporate 25% recycled rubber from used tires and 17% annually renewable bio-resources. 1 million used tires destined for landfills found a “new-life”, and acres of soy beans and corn have replaced barrels of oil via our components. Our unique ambient temperature reaction injection molding manufacturing process minimizes energy usage and reduces cycle time to a fraction of that required for vulcanization of EPDM parts.

For over 35 years we have custom formulated and delivered innovative solutions, the highest quality products and value added services. Our advanced Research and Development laboratories work in conjunction with cutting edge manufacturing technologies to meet the challenges and requirements of our customers.

As a global supplier we deliver the highest quality polyurethane components and materials, competitive pricing and extensive support mechanisms that give our customer a competitive advantage in today’s dynamic world.

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RPM secures Visteon C1MCA platform

RPM sourced for:

- Ford Fiesta
- Chevy Sonic
- Volvo Europe